Scaled Agile Project Management Tool

Accelerate value flow across your entire agile organization

SAFe® ready – no third-party plugins needed.

The scagile project management app actively supports agile best-practices and helps your organization deliver value-driven solutions fast to the market.

Finally, a tool made for
scaled agile organizations!

Create flow
across all teams

Make information transparent across all levels of your organization without any interruptions.

Focus on
value-driven delivery

Let everyone take an econmic view and focus on reaching business goals without distractions.

Work according to
agile best-practices

You don't need to figure out, how your tool could support agile – scagile has it already set up for you.

Delivering a continuous flow of value to the customer is the aim of every enterprise that intends to thrive in the Digital Age.

Dean Leffingwell, Co-founder and Chief Methodologist of Scaled Agile

Scaled agile tool

Easygoing. Fast. Focused.

Being agile means being able to deliver customer centric solutions fast to the market.

78% of agile enterprises say, tools which are not supporting scaled agile processes, prevent business agility – ineffective value creation is the result.

Scagile actively helps you to improve agile processes – your organization becomes more flexible, organized and value-driven.

Value-driven planning & prioritization

Transparent product vision & progress tracking

Practice proven agile features

across all levels

Seamless information flow

From value streams, over ARTs down to teams – and vice versa: with scagile the vision, goals and progress are visible for everyone, which allows your entire organization to stay focused.

100% SAFe ready

Agile best practices

The project management tool is especially made for scaled agile orginzations and actively supports agile best practices in order to deliver customer centric solutions fast to the market.

Start right away

Intuitive & easy to use

As in every agile organization, customer centricity is our focus, too. Therefore we’ve built the app in a way, that it’s smooth and intuitive to use for everyone from the first second.

Developed by
Agile Natives

With 15+ years of experience in agile project management, we’ve built scagile in the way we would like to use it ourselves or recommend it to our clients in digital or agile transformations.

Value Streams

Agile Release Trains

Scrum & Kanban Teams

More scagile features

coming soon

scagile is coming in November 2023

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