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Please note that Scagile solution can be installed to your SharePoint by a user with administrator permissions.
You only have to install ART Portfolio Web Part, all other web parts will be automatically installed for you!

3. Add the 'ART Portfolio Web Part' to your team site

Navigate to your home page and create new app page.
Then click on Apps and select “ART Portfolio”
After that the web part will be displayed. Name your app page and click on the Save button

Make Scagile your Home Page

  1. Go to Site contents
  2. Click on Site Pages
Alternatively you are able to add the web part by creating new Site page and adding new web part from the plus sign.
  1. Click on the “Action” button of the created App Page, where “Scagile” was added
  2. Choose “Make homepage” option

Install “ART Portfolio Web Part”

  1. Navigate to the created App Page where the “ART Portfolio Web Part” was added
  2. Click on “Install now” button
After successful installation there should be “Create new ART” button available as in the image bellow.

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