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Approve timesheets & report working times

View all timesheets

To view all timesheets as a manager navigate to Team > TimeSheet in the left sidebar and click on Manage Timehsheets in the top navigation.


Select view

You can now see all TimeSheets and capacities in month or week view. Select the time period in the top left corner.


multiple timesheets

Now you can approve or decline multiple timesheets by selecting them. Click on the burger menu in the top right corner and select your action.

Approve single timesheet

If you want to approve timesheets one by one, open a timesheet by clicking on the view button. Now select all days to be approved or declined and click on the action at the bottom of the page.


Add comments

You can also add comments for each day, wich will be visible for the team member in his/her timesheet.

Note: Once a timesheet is approved it cannot be edited by the team member anymore. You can reopen it by selecting the days and click on more action at the bottom of the page.

Export timesheets to Excel

To export timesheets to excel  navigate back to the overview, select the time period and all timesheets to be exported. Then click on the export button in the top right corner.

View Capacity KPI’s

Navigate to dashboard in the top navigation to see the timesheet KPI’s. You can select a specific time period and the team to be shown.


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