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Agile Contracting with Agile Function Points

Agile Contracting with agile function points | scagile Blog

Good specifications are simply no longer possible – contracts based on fixed prices or T&M too risky. It’s time for Agile Contracting! An evaluation standard is there already 🙂

Agile transformations in teams – psychoanalysis vs. behavioural therapy

Agile Transformation in Teams | scagile Blog

Content of this article Much has been written about the agile transformation of organisations, its importance in the context of digital transformations, but also about processes, methods, roadmaps and best practices.  However, many Agile coaches and authors like to give one topic a wide berth, even though this very question causes many organisations a real […]

Agile vs. classic project management

Agile vs. classic project management | scagile Blog

Agile – versus classic project management or more planning, less status  Content of this article Time and again, I come across organisations that are in the midst of an agile transformation. Usually, the topic of “agile” has been “sold” to the teams and employees with amicable terms – but actually “prescribed”. We have to become […]