Scrum Master: Role and Tasks

Scrum Master: Role & Tasks | scagile Blog

Much has been written about the Scrum Master, millions of times, it has already been described what a Scrum Master should do, what he stands for and how his role within Scrum is defined..

Scrum Product Owner: Role and Tasks

Scrum Product Owner: Role and Tasks | scagile Blog

What is it that renders the role of the scrum product owner so problematic and how should it be designed to allow an agile transformation to succeed?

How to develop an agile mindset?

How to develop an agile mindset? | scagile blog

How does the agile mindset has an impact on agile transformation, how do teams develop an agile mindset – and what are the prerequisites? Find out in this article…

Calculating the Scrum Velocity

Calculate Scrum Velocity | scagile Blog

How to calculate the scrum velocity and display it in a way that is suitable for showing a real trend and allowing a forecast to be made. + free Excel Template

Agile transformations in teams – psychoanalysis vs. behavioural therapy

Agile Transformation in Teams | scagile Blog

Content of this article Much has been written about the agile transformation of organisations, its importance in the context of digital transformations, but also about processes, methods, roadmaps and best practices.  However, many Agile coaches and authors like to give one topic a wide berth, even though this very question causes many organisations a real […]