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Create a new Team Board and fill your Backlog

Navigate to Team Boards

To create your first Team Board navigate to Team -> Team boards and click on the button in the top right corner.


Create a new Team Board

Start by choosing a methodology– Scrum or Kanban. Give your Board a meaningful name, define a prefix (used for Tasks ID’s), select the Product Owner and the Scrum Master. Once you’re done click on save. You should now see the agile board in the list.

Create a new
Kanban Board

For Kanban board you can predefine your statuses – add, delete them and assign status color.


Create new backlog item

Open an agile board by clicking on the title and create your first backlog item by clicking the create new task in the top right corner.


Add details

Now fill all fields. You can also assign items to features (see Fill your product backlog & start a PI planning) and components (see below). Once you’re done, click on save. You should now see the item in the backlog.

Edit details

Click on an item title to open the details view. You can edit all fields by clicking on them. The changes will be automatically saved and updated.


View subtasks, comments,
links & attachments

In the details view you can also see all related subtasks (see Start a Sprint Planning) and add comments, links and attachments. You can recognize if new comments, links or attachments have been added to the item by the badge counter next to the icon.


Create components

To create components, navigate to Components in the top navigation and click on create at the top right corner.

Continue with
Sprint Planning

Done. Now you can start your first Sprint Planning.

Next step: Start a Sprint Planning