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To grant ART Portfolio access to a user, add the user in one of the 3 default site groups – Owners, Members or Visitors.

Only user with permission level Full control on the ART Portfolio site or SharePoint Administrators can see the “Create new ART” button

Create Value Streams

Create a new Value Stream 

To  create a Value Stream navigate to Value Streams in the top navigation and click on the button in the top right corner.

Add a title, description
& Product Owner 

In the dialogue give your Value Stream a meaningful name, assign a Product Owner and add a description if needed.

Select between
Operational &
Development Value

Select, if the value Stream should be an Operational or Development Stream. 
You can assign multiple Development Streams to one Operational Value Stream.

Create a new Release 

Expand a Development Stream and click to create a new release.   

You can add here details such as: 

  • title  
  • release number 
  • release manager 
  • status 
  • planned, execution and end of support date 
  • environment 
  • release notes 
  • supported version (yes/no)


Once you’re done click save. 
You can now assign ART’s to your Value Streams. Each Release within your ART will show up under the assigned Value Stream. 
To create and assign Releases, please visit this guide.

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