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PI Planning Tool

Streamline your PI Plannings
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Tired of Juggling
Multiple Tools for PI Planning?

We get it. Most agile teams face real challenges:

Constant tool switching draining productivity

Disconnected information leading to misalignment

Time wasted on manual syncing and lost information

Ready for a Change?

Meet scagile: The PI Planning Tool that turns chaos into clarity.

Unveil the Magic of
Seamless PI Planning

scagile is more than just a PI Planning Tool – it is your all-in-one platform for agile project management. 

We understand the challenges of scaled organizations and have designed a revolutionary solution to transform PI Plannings into seamless productivity.

Every feature is crafted to align your teams, streamline your processes and enhance business agility. The future of PI Planning is here, and it’s brighter than ever.

Single platform for all teams

Real-time progress visibility

Practice proven agile features

PI Planning Tool

Power-Packed Features
for Effortless Planning & Tracking

Unified PI Backlog

Create and Track with Ease

Effortlessly add features, ideas, and more. Estimate job sizes and monitor progress in real-time.

Visibility for All

Accessible by teams, Product Owners, and Managers alike, ensuring everyone stays aligned with goals and progress.

Team Backlog Integration

Link Stories to Features

Maintain a clear connection between team tasks in their Sprint Backlog and PI goals.

Continuous Progress Tracking

Keep everyone in the loop with automated updates and integrated tracking.

Say Goodbye to Tool-Switching Hassles
Step Into a World of Agile Clarity

All teams in one central place

Real-time progress updates

Team Backlog integration

Developed by Agile Natives

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365-Days Free Beta Version – Unlimited Users