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Agile Roadmap Tool

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The Secret of
Precise Agile Planning

In the dynamic world of Agile, precise planning and transparent visualization are paramount. Yet, organizations often grapple with missed deadlines, unnoticed dependencies and a lack of clarity in project progress.

scagile’s Agile Roadmap Tool is designed to empower managers and business owners in planning, visualizing, and managing their Agile organization’s work with unmatched precision.

Strategic Work Planning

Plan your Agile workflows strategically, aligning with your organization's goals and priorities.

Timeline Visualization

Get a clear visual representation of project timelines, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Dependency Management

Meticulously manage dependencies, eliminating bottlenecks and surprises.

Agile Roadmapping Tool

Navigate with ease through
your Agile Journey

Visualize your Roadmap transparently

Gain clarity and insights into your project’s journey with scagile’s transparent Roadmap visualization – empowering you to navigate with confidence.

Agile Roadmapping Tool | scagile

Manage Dependencies between Teams & Features

Effortlessly orchestrate collaboration and streamline workflows by managing dependencies between teams and features with scagile’s intuitive Dependency Management feature.

Rich Features make it easy to navigate

Dive into a world of rich features designed for seamless navigation. scagile offers easily scalable timelines, dynamic time range views and convenient filters for teams and item status, ensuring effortless project management

Precision and Clarity
Every Step of the Way.

Transparent communication

Flawless dependency management

Clearly visualized timelines

Agile Roadmap Tool | scagile

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Plan, visualize & manage with scagile’s Roadmap
365-Days Free Beta Version – Unlimited Users