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Sprint Planning Tool

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In the World of Agile
Simplicity is Power

Yet, many Sprint Planning Tools complicate Scrum processes and impeding the cultivation of an agile mindset. We understand the struggle and have developed scagile to simplify your journey:

Stay Focused

With scagile, you'll never lose sight of your Sprint goals, ensuring clarity and alignment across your team.

Master WIP Limits

Visualize task status like never before. Experience the joy of completing tasks and stories, boosting team morale and motivation.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive task creation and progress tracking facilitating a steep learning curve right from the start.

Agile Excellence

Scagile seamlessly promotes Agile best practices, cultivating your team's agile mindset.

Sprint Planning Tool

Features that Inspire
Productivity & Agile Mindset

Your Sprint Goals
Our Priority

Stay Aligned with Sprint Goals

Never lose sight of your Sprint goals with scagile’s user-friendly interface. Easily create and track tasks, keeping your team aligned.

Promote Agile Best Practices

Developed by Agile experts scagile embraces simplicity and aligns with Agile principles to cultivate an Agile mindset in your teams.

Work Effortlessly
Across Multiple Teams

Task Mobility Between Teams

Easily move tasks between boards and switch between team boards with a single click, ensuring smooth transitions and project flow.

Cross-Team Collaboration

With the integrated scagile PI Planning Tool, all your teams stay aligned and focus on achieving business goals together.

Experience Agile
the scagile Way

Simplified Sprint Planning

Enhanced team alignment

Promote Agile best practices

Scagile Scrum Board Value Stream Management

Developed by Agile Natives

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365-Days Free Beta Version – Unlimited Users