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Fill your product backlog and start a PI Planning

Navigate to
Program Backlog

To fill your Program Backlog first open an ART and navigate to Program -> ART Backlog in the left sidebar.


Create new backlog item

Click on the Create Button in the top right corner to create your first item.

Add details

Give your item a meaningful name and select the type, status and the planned duration and start date (these information will be displayed in the Gantt Chart). You can also assign the item to a user or team (see Manage users and teams).

Now add a description and upload attachments, if you want. Once you’re done click the save button. You can change all the settings later.


Go back to Backlog

You should now see the item in the  Program Backlog.

Open in quick- or
details view

To view and edit items click on the title or the icons on the right side (Quick View & Detail View).


Edit details

Click on each field for editing. The changes will be automatically saved and updated.


Related stories, comments,
links and attachments

You’ll see all related Stories (see Sprint Planning) and can also follow discussions on each item. Additionally, you can add links and attachments.

Create and Start a new PI

To start a PI Planning go back to the PI Backlog and click on Create PI. You can now change the name of the PI and set the time frame. Define a goal for the PI, so everyone in your team can focus on it. Once you’re done click the save button and you should see the PI above the backlog. When your PI is complete, start it.


Stop PI

To stop a PI, go to PI Backlog and click Stop PI. All features that were not completed during this PI can be moved to the next PI, into the backlog, or closed.


Fill PI Backlog

Drag & Drop all items you plan for the upcoming PI from backlog into the PI list.

Track status in
Kanban Board

Done. You can now change and follow the status in the ART Kanban Board.

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