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Start a Sprint Planning

Create new Sprint

To start a Sprint Planning first create a new sprint by clicking Create Sprint in the top right corner of your Agile Board Backlog. Drag and drop all the items you need from backlog to the sprint.


Select and move PBIs
from Backlog to
the Current Sprint

Drag and drop all the items you need from backlog to the sprint or select the ones you need and move them to desired location via the context menu in the upper navigation bar.


Create subtasks

Now start creating subtasks for each story. We’ve already prepared one for you. To edit the name, assign it to a team member and set a time estimation, just click on the arrow and then on the fields you want to edit. Note: only the original estimation can be edited.

Add more subtasks

To add more tasks click on the + in the top right corner.

Estimate Story Points

Don’t forget to estimate Story Points  for Stories.


Start Sprint

Once you’ve finished your Planning you can start the sprint. Navigate to the backlog and click on start sprint.

Set sprint goal

In the popup you can change the name and the duration of the sprint and define a sprint goal which everyone can focus on. Click Start sprint again to finally start the sprint.


Start working

Your team is now ready to start off!

Next step: Track status & working times