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Track status and working times

Track status in
Active Sprint Board

Once a sprint is started your team can work with the Active Sprint Board (top navigation).

To track the status of subtasks just expand the Story and move the subtask you’re working on to the In progress column.


Filter task by
Assignee and Label

Using above filters you can filter the subtasks based on label or based on assignee – choosing one assignee unmarks the rest and shows all subtasks assigned to this assignee. Click on it again and you will see the rest.


Set status & status reason
of stories

The status of the Story will be automatically updated. Next to the Status you can also define a status reason.

Track time of subtasks

To track the time of each subtask, click on the button or drag and drop the subtask in done and set the spent time in the popup. The remaining time can be calculated either automatically or manually.
Note! Tracked time is being saved automatically in the timesheet.


View burndown chart

To see the burndown chart and other sprint stats, navigate to dashboard in the top navigation.

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