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Value Stream Management Tool

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Value Stream Innovation

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… a future where your teams align seamlessly, collaborate effortlessly, and critical information flows from value streams to teams and back.

With scagile, this vision becomes a reality. Achieve agility, reduce dependencies, and accelerate your time-to-market.

Value Stream Management Tool

Seamless Information Flow
across all Levels of your Organization

From Value Streams to Product Teams (ART) down to Agile teams and vice versa, scagile ensures that real-time progress and business goals are visible at all levels.

Create Value Streams

With scagile, you can effortlessly create Value Streams within your organization. This organizational structure aligns teams, fosters collaboration, and reduces dependencies.

Value Stream Management | scagile
Value Stream Management – Product Space | scagile

Assign Product Teams (ART)

scagile allows you to assign Product Teams (ART) to your Value Streams, streamlining your operations and ensuring that teams work in harmony.

Collaborate with Agile Teams

Experience the power of collaboration as multiple Agile teams seamlessly work on shared products assigned to Value Streams.

Value Stream Management Tool – Teams | scagile

All you Need to Manage Agile Teams
in One Central Place

PI Planning

Say Goodbye to tool-switching hassles with scagile’s integrated PI Planning tool.


Visualize roadmaps and manage dependencies with Gantt Charts visible for everyone in one central space.

Sprint Planning

Inspire productivity and an Agile Mindset with the Sprint Planning tool developed by agile experts.

Designed for Scaled Organizations
Crafted by Agile Experts

Seamless information flow

Collaboration across all teams

Promoting Business Agility

Value Stream Management Tool | scagile

Developed by Agile Natives

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