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Value Streams and Product Releases

Navigate to Value Stream

To build your Value Stream first open an ART and navigate to Program -> Value Stream in the left sidebar.


Create new product

Click on the Create Button in the top right corner to create your first product.

Add details

Give your product a name and select the type and the status. You can also point out the respective product owner.

Now add a description, if you want. Once you’re done, click the save button. You can change all the settings later.

Expand the product

With a click on the arrow you can expand the product and view all past and planned releases.

Create new release
within the product

Click on the Create new release-button to create your first release within the product.


Fill out the form
and click on create

Start by filling out the form by giving your release a name and a release number. If necessary, select the responsible release manager and the current status. If already known, you can enter the plan and execution date as well as the support end date. In addition, you can use the multiselect option to select the environments on which the version of the application will be deployed.

Release notes text box and an option to upload attachments are available as well. When you’re done, click the Save button and your release will appear underneath the specific product.


Next step: Assign PBIs to products and releases