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The Weighted Shorted Job First method is your secret weapon to focus on delivering maximum business value in the shortest time possible.

It does not only promote data-driven decision making, but also aligns teams with business goals and enable them to deliver high-value items on time, every time.

And the best: It is super easy to use, fun and gives stunning results!

How does WSJF work?

One of the great benefits of the WSJF method is its ease of adaptation and the ability to quickly harness its full capabilities.

For those unfamiliar with this technique we have prepared a comprehensive guide along with best practices to help you get started.

The Costs of Ineffective Prioritization

Inefficient prioritization can lead to missed opportunities and potential inefficiencies within your Agile teams:

Delayed Deliveries: Miss out on high-value opportunities.

Value Uncertainty: Lack clarity on which items matter most.

Inefficient Decision-Making: Wasting time on less important tasks.

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Deliver Highest Value in Shortest Time

WSJF helps your organization to prioritize tasks based on their economic impact. By considering factors like Cost of Delay and job size, your teams can focus on delivering the highest value to the business in the shortest amount of time.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with only 4 Clicks

scagile’s WSJF Tool simplifies complex calculations, providing you with a straightforward and intuitive interface. By assigning numerical values to different aspects of work, decisions are made more objectively, reducing bias and subjectivity.

WSJF Tool, WSJF Calculator | scagile
WSJF Tool PI Backlog | scagile

Seamlessly integrated in your PI Backlog

Eliminate Tool-Hopping: scagile’s WSJF Calculator seamlessly integrates with your PI Planning Tool, simplifying prioritization smoothly and efficiently.

Prioritize your Backlog with Confidence

Armed with WSJF scores, you can confidently prioritize your backlog items. Scagile’s visual interface makes it easy to see which items should take precedence, ensuring that high-value work gets the attention it deserves.

Don't Miss Out on High-Value Opportunities.
Simplify Prioritization with scagile's WSJF Tool.

Data-Driven Decisions

Seamless Integration in Backlogs

Maximize Business Value

WSJF Tool | scagile

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Prioritize your backlogs effectively with scagile’s in-built WSJF Tool
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